Whether it is collaborating, managing a team, interacting with customers or networking, our kids will need to be able to connect well with other people.

Communication, collaboration and social and emotional intelligence will be vital skill sets.

Resource Audience Platform About Skills
Twitter High school Social media training The small character limits helps kids to be succinct and identify key messages. Interacting on social media is a chance to teach kids how to interact with others and how to stay safe online. Connect

Digital skills
Edutopia All ages Website Section on social and emotional learning explores why these are important skills for kids to learn and different approaches for teachers to build their kids social and emotional skill set. Connect

Problem solving
Social media training High school Article Running “social media training” with your kids is a way to hone your child's communication skills and ensure they are using social media in a safe and positive way. Connect

Digital skills
If…The Emotional IQ Game Primary school App An adventure game that helps kids develop emotional intelligence. As they play, kids are given dialogue choices when engaging with different characters. Those characters will respond with different emotions or advice based on the child’s choices. Parents are able to review a report on their children's skills. Connect

‘The high demand jobs of the future are all about occupations that 'connect'. NBN's Super Connected Jobs research found that the highest demand future jobs share a high level of personal interaction: creatives, doers and technocrats, care givers and high skilled specialist professions (Figure 4).
- “The Future of Work”, 2016 page 8