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Not every job in the future will require people to be able to code or program. But we increasingly live in a world dominated by computers, where software is a language in itself. Being able to think computationally and understand this language is becoming just as important as learning to read and write.

Learning these skills can seem complicated, but anyone can learn them. It only takes a few hours to learn basic concepts or a few weeks for kids to start developing their own simple websites and apps.

Explore the range of tools and resources available to get your kids off to the right start.

Resource Audience Platform About Skills
Scratch Primary school Website/ App Website that lets kids create stories, games and animations. Projects not only let kids learn about computational programming but also design and connectivity. Design and develop

Hands on with tech

Tynker Primary and early high school Website/ App Tynker is a website and learning platform that provides a comprehensive learning experience for kids aged anywhere between 7 and 14 to learn programming in a fun and visual way.

Tynker allows kids to create anything from apps, games and control robots with more than 1000 coding activities.
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Hands on with tech
Lightbot Primary school App An app game that teaches kids to think computationally through interactive logic puzzles.

The app introduces complex programming concepts in a simple and fun way.
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Robot Turtles Primary school Board game A board game that “sneakily” introduces the fundamentals of programming. The game not only introduces computational thinking but gives kids an early leg up on concepts that are applied in computer science classes at university level. Design and develop
Computer Coding for Kids All ages Book Key book to guide kids creating computer programs starting with the very basics. Making complex computer language simple and accessible, the book is a great tool for kids looking to take their first steps into programming or for kids who are already interested to learn more. Design and develop High School Website Online resource to expand access for people interested in computer science. With a massive range of courses, tools and information, aims to reach students no matter their skill level or background to inspire them in learning computer science. Design and develop
Hadi Partovi TEDx talk All ages Video This persuasive talk shows how essential and easy it is to gain basic understanding of computer science and how important it is to students of the future. Design and develop


Australians will need skills such as programming, software development and skills to build digital technology.
- The Foundation of Young Australians, “The Future of Work” 2016, page 10