Digital skills

Parents today are some of the first to raise digital natives, that is kids who have be born into a world where smart technology is part of our everyday.

Just as we give our kids the tools they need to survive in the real world, we also need to give them the skills they need to thrive in digital environments too.

This is known as digital intelligence. There are 4 keys components of digital intelligence. Kids need to be able to:

  • Understand the advantages of technology;
  • Identify the multitude of available technologies and choose which of these is most relevant in a particular situation;
  • Apply digital technologies in different circumstances; and
  • Know when technology should be used.

Resource Audience Platform About Skills
Raisingchildren. All ages Website The Raising Children website is a partnership of the Australian government and leading early childhood agencies. It offers upto- date, research-based material on raising children. Their work spans more than 800 topics including resilience , digital safety and citizenship. Digital skills

Problem solving
iParent All ages Website Government resource helping parents to make sure their children’s online experience is positive and safe. Digital skills
Kahoot All ages Website Kahoot! is a tool for using technology to administer quizzes, discussions or surveys. Using a digital platform enables you to easily put together quizzes, sharpen your students’ digital skills and improve their learning on a variety of topics. Digital skills
A Parents guide to 21st century learning All ages eBook This guide is intended to bring more parents into the conversation about improving education. It offers a glimpse of outstanding online resources and projects, sorted by grade levels, and a list of tips to help you bring 21st-century skills home. Digital skills

Problem solving
DQ project All ages Website DQ is a play and learn online platform built on a sound curriculum. It provides a safe online learning environment for children to self-learn the skills of digital intelligence. Children progress in their learning through gamification incentives. Digital skills

Problem solving

Common sense K-12 digital citizenship curriculum All ages Website Digital Citizenship Curriculum is designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. This resource includes lesson plans, videos, student interactives, and assessments. Digital skills

"For any of us that have the responsibility of children, one of the key questions you think about is what’s the thing that you can do to encourage them and develop to make them successful going forward?"
- "The Future of Work", 2016, page 12

Figure 6. Skills mix for the future job market

Source: The Future of Work” 2016, page 11 and 12