Future of work toolkit - setting kids up for success in the 2030 job market

The future is uncertain but there is growing evidence that the kids of today will need a mix of skills to be ready for the future of work as predicted in 2030.

To help you navigate what skills are needed, why and how to get them, we’ve developed this toolkit which will let you get access to the right tools at home.

Hard and soft skills

Everyone is talking about the need for hard and soft skills – but what are they and how can you get them?

Hard skills are focused on increasing your technical and digital knowledge – everyone is going to need them, but how much depends on your interest. Find out about tools and ways to upskill you in digital, innovation, hands on with tech and design and develop.

Soft skills are focused on improving your ability to work with, and for people. Find out about tools and ways to upskill you in connect, problem solving and digital.

Each skill area has a range of tools you can use to help build capability. Each of these tools has been selected for its audience and for how it relates to the other skills needed.

Do you know what skills you want?

Jump right in and explore skills and tools to make you 2030 job ready.

What skills do you want?...

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Digital skills >

Innovation >

Connect >

Design and develop >

Hands on with tech >

Additional resources

The future of work report

Find out more about the future of work and what it might look like.

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Case Studies

Learn how regional areas are upskilling their children and what is happening in towns like yours.

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